Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life Lesson #7: The male roommate.

He sees you when you're ready for a Friday night on the town, but also when you're sick and contemplating never leaving the bed. He hears about all your big successes, but also that embarrassing moment that you never wish to relive. He knows that you sing in the shower, walk around in your underwear, eat your noodles plain, and drink coke straight out of the two liter. No, he's not your boyfriend, he's better: your first male roommate.

I just so happen to have three myself, and despite having trepidations initially, they are rather dandy. Sure they can't help me with my make-up or loan me a purse, but they keep the gags coming and always give an honest opinion on... well, everything.

In case you haven't figured it out, guys don't seem to feel the same pressure to sugar coat the truth the way girls do. If a girl doesn't like her friend's shirt, she's likely going to come up with the most roundabout way of telling her, if at all. A guy will tell his lady friend she looks pregnant in a heartbeat, if that be the case. The boys have told me I looked like crap on some days, and others they tell me I look beautiful.

So next time you go roommate shopping, don't let gender lines necessarily make or break your options. The boys need a place to rest their heads as well.