Friday, October 17, 2008

easy there, killer.

My vote's already decided, but the final presidential debate sealed the deal.

My southern, gun-totin', church goin' family is largely McCain fans, shocking I know, but I'm voting for Obama. Because of my background though, I want to listen to what McCain has to say. He has made it very hard.

Take away the politicians' stances on the issues and just watch their exchanges. While Obama managed the cool, calm, and collected poise that he is now known for, McCain was feisty! Normally I like feisty, I am feisty, but he was downright annoying!

He interrupted, sneered, and undermined.

Now, I am from Florida. I am a woman. I am a young voter. I am moderate. Basically, my vote is highly sought after. I assure you, McCain, you're not going to get it by behaving that way.

Agree with me or not, don't forget to vote! Early voting will be available soon, and the big (official) day is weeks away!

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