Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life Lesson #4: Badasses have more fun.

I must admit, I feel a slight swell of accomplishment when I put on my tennis shoes. I was slightly upstaged this weekend when my fantastically fit roommate decided to do her first triathlon, which she completed with a smile.

Emily's Top Gun Triathlon was in Ft. Desoto on Saturday. As the loyal number one fans that we are, Charlie and I drove down on Friday to cheer her on.

What was supposed to be a pretty chill road trip turned into a bit of an adventure. Originally, we planned on staying with my friend in Tampa, then driving out to the fort in the morning to cheer Em on. Well, we were just too close to the beach to not go on Friday, so we made a beeline for the shore. We realized that we were extremely close to the race, so instead of backtracking and going to Tampa for the night, I made the wise decision to rough it for the night. Worst decision of my life.

Charlie's snoring, which could rival the cheers on a game day, was the least of my problems. The bugs LOVED me. I suddenly suspected the nearby fishermen were just biding their time until we fell asleep so they could cut us into a million peices. We probably slept a couple of hours at best. Luckily, our 6 a.m. wake-up call came quickly.

We trekked over to the race, beating the sun up. Somehow we miraculously ran into Emily and Jenna before everything got started. We saw them at four different points throughout the race and were definitely there to watch the triumphant crossing at the finish line. They're so hardcore.

I think people earn the most cool points when they do something completely outside the typical. My Dad, for example, the coolest guy around, did a stand-up comedy routine a few weeks ago. Emily joined the ranks by doing more activity most people do in a year before 9 a.m. yesterday morning. It gives me a good push to plan my next crazy goal.

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